Saturday, April 27, 2013

Redesigned Clock

I've been inspired by the clock facelifts I've spied around blogland in recent months. It wasn't until I saw what The Nester did with her clock that I finally stopped dreaming about the possibilities of my own clock and put things into action.

I bought this clock circa 2003 from The Great Indoors. It was on major clearance, I think I paid around 125 dollars for it, but the sticker on the back says it's original price was 525 dollars. Glad I knew better than to pay that! I loved The Great Indoors, but sadly it went out of business just a couple of years after it opened. The clock face pops in and out, it really is just a faux Grandfather clock. The clock stopped working after about a year, so basically it was a space filler in my old and current home.
My apologies for such a poor before picture, but it's the only one I could dig up. Being a hit and run blogger, I often make rookie blogging mistakes, such as not taking a before picture. Here she is in all her Tuscan and Scroll glory hanging out in my former home's kitchen.

And here she is now after some easy, doable and quick improvements...I LURVE her!


First things first, I removed the black scroll door to visually open her up a bit. Gave her a quick and light sanding then sprayed her with some primer. I used Rustoluem's Winter Gray to give her a nice finishing glossy spray. I barely gave her time to dry, because I'm impatient like that and brought her into the house. She looked beautiful! I shopped the house to dress her and if I may I think she came out looking pretty good. And yes, she really did have a beadboard back built right into her! I got lucky with that one!


The clock is from Pottery Barn, you can find it here. I was kinda digging the whole clock in a clock thing. I bought the vintage books from my local thrift shop. I picked them for their colors, not for their content. I think their perfectly aged.

I used a piece of heavy card stock and hot glued an E (for our last name) on it that I had lying in limbo. If I see a cool E for a reasonable price, I usually pick it up. I'm glad I did.  What have you spray painted lately? 
TDC Before and After

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  1. Great transformation! I love the color you chose--it's so fresh and pretty.

    I recently found an old clock at an antiques fair and updated it with some paint, too.