Monday, April 29, 2013

Playroom Alphabet Bunting

I'm a sucker for buntings. I decided to make an alphabet version of my own for the boys' playroom. I just headed up to Michaels and found some patterned scrap booking paper and got to work. The scrapbook set actually included a page that had different font letters on it, so I just cut those right out. Then I layered the letters onto solid print cardstock, cut out my triangles, and glued it all together. The last step was to hole punch them and thread some ribbon through the holes. I love how it all came together.

We needed more storage in the playroom as our toy continues to grow and grow. To accomodate the growing toy collection we have, I repurposed the blue shelves we had in there originally and replaced them with IKEA expedit shelves. The blue shelves are now being used as storage in the playroom closet. I found the guitar art on major clearance at Michaels and framed it with an IKEA frame. My maiden name was Guitar, so when I saw the print it seemed like a good way to integrate my past into the present.  It will eventually be hung on the wall, I just haven't gotten around to that yet.

I added a map you can see on the right. The boys enjoy finding where they live, where we've vacationed and of course California...the home of Lightning McQueen.

I also painted some MDF letters I found at Michaels to add some interest to their reading area. I have some matching yellow curtains to hang and I'm contemplating replacing their toy bins with a more industrial/locker look. One project at a time. I'm happy to report that the boys are enjoying their newly decorated space!  Am I the only one who is a sucker for buntings?  I seem to have one for every season.

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