Saturday, April 27, 2013

Creating my own space

This our den. It has served no other function except as a dumping ground for misfit furniture. We moved into our home 8 months ago and it just kinda became the spot for all the furniture that just didn't have a spot in our new home. As you can see it also houses about 100 ft. of cable and Internet cords and let's not forget the random hockey net as well.

It is a beautiful room architecturally with the wainscoting, wood floors, and large bay window so I knew I owed it to her to dress her up a bit. I wanted to create a work space for my sewing machine and some crafting. It also had to be feminine and outside my comfort zone. Most of our home is fairly neutral so color was at the forefront for me.

The fun part was I didn't want to spend any money on reinventing the room. We had a pair of old leather couches that weren't being used so I put them up on Craigslist for 400 dollars. I sold them in just a week for $375. I now had the budget for my new space.
This desk is about 8 years old that we purchased from World Market. The original chair broke so this  red Ikea chair was its replacement. The shelf on the right was bought at Target years ago. I decided a new desk would eat up too much of my 375 dollar budget, so I would attempt my first furniture painting by painting the desk.

The two things I knew for sure that had to go were the rug and the accent pillows. Eight years of the squares and circles was enough. I would have loved to have replaced the love seat and chair with something more light and bright, but with 375 dollars that just wasn't going to happen. My focus was painting the desk, finding a new chair for the desk, an area rug and new accessories for the room. Here is what I came up with.......

The rug came first. I searched high and low in stores and on line for a rug that would compliment the sage couches and it appeared to be a lost cause. I had resigned myself to a solid cream rug on Overstock but thought I'd give Pier One one more try. Buried deep behind several other rugs I saw something creamy sticking out. The rug had been repackaged and the picture on the package looked promising. The only problem was that it was 300 dollars. I had a 20 percent off coupon so I figured I'd at least bring it home to try it out. I was pleasantly surprised when the sales associate told me my total was 50 dollars and some change. What?!?!? It's that moment when you realize someone somewhere must have made a mistake, now I need to get out of this store as fast as I can before my good luck runs out. I was no longer bringing it home to try it out....I was going to make this work. Now I had my color pallette to work with and the rest just fell into place.
The accent pillows are from Pier One and Home Goods. The yellow ones I already owned. The shelves on the wall I picked up for $2 from a garage sale. I just sprayed them with some of Rustoleum's Heirloom White. I also already had the mirror above the couch and the lamp. Note the hot pink throw on the chair. It has a great ruffle texture and the color was perfect. The throw is from TJ Maxx and was on clearance. The chalkboard was originally red and in our kitchen, I sprayed that as well.

Love this beautiful bird pillow from Pier One. I found the chair at K-mart of all places. The nailhead trim and distressing on it are quite nice. The chair cost twice as much as the rug, how's that for perspective?

I primed, painted, sealed and distressed the desk. It didn't go quite as I planned but it turned out nice nonetheless. Not bad for a first time experience. Now I know a bit more for the next project.

I had a great time recreating this space. I have to say the best part was setting a budget and getting creative to stay within the budget. Most things that I bought were on clearance. I actually have about 30 dollars left in my budget for more accessories. I was able to take some tired old couches that were collecting dust and use the money to create a bright and cheery space that I can call my own.  Do you have a space in your house that could use some sprucing?  Anyone else get really excited over the challenge of  decorating on self imposed budget?

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