Monday, May 6, 2013

Laundry Room turned Mudroom

 A little over a year ago, I decided something needed to be done about about our lack of closet space on the main floor.  Our laundry room is relatively small and it does have a decent sized closet.  The closet in the laundry room serves as my clothes line.  I hang our freshly cleaned clothes in the closet to air dry. 
 Call me crazy, but I do laundry everyday.  I'm the opposite of a procrastinator.  I'm forever keeping up or getting ahead with most things home related, I've convinced myself that I'm helping my future self and somehow have myself fooled that if I get everything that needs to be done today that there will be time to slack off tomorrow.  But wouldn't you know it, the damn laundry just never stops coming, does it?

There just wasn't space in the closet for the drying clothes and to hang the coats we have.  We live in Michigan so we have lots of coats to accomodate the unpredictable weather.  Winter coats, hoodies, spring coats, fall coats, it's coat crazy around here.  Our foyer does have a small closet for coats, the problem however, is that it is far from the back door that we use everyday to enter and exit the house.  It's just not convienent to keep the coats in the foyer closet.  So to solve our dilema, we created a closet on our wall.

I searched pinterest for mudroom images and found a whole lot of easy DIY tutorials.  My husband and I took bits and pieces from each one to fit our needs and space.  Everything was purchased at Home Depot, with the exception of the A and J hooks.  I have absolutely no idea where those came from.  I think they were given to us as a gift shortly after our twin boys were born.  It was a very fuzzy time peeps, first time mother, sleep deprivation x2....we even found the phone in the fridge at one point.  I did however spy very similar letter hooks at Anthropologie recently.  Maybe that's where they came from?!?!?!

This was our very first time attempting this sort of thing.  We had never mixed power tools and wood before.   I think hubby did a great job with it, I finished it off with the caulking, sanding and painting.  It's been a wonderful place to hang back packs, hats and coats.  Have you created your own mudroom space somewhere in your home?  Are you a MOM (mom of multiples) and can totally relate and empathize with CRS (can't remember sh!t) disease? 

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